As I was growing up my dad always taught me things about the season, the weather, the sky and other signs to know about what was going on in the world around me.  This is one thing that use to pretty much hold true.   If Easter is scheduled late march, early April, the Ground Hog will not see his shadow and we have an early Spring.  If he does, Easter is scheduled usually mid to late April and it will be a late Spring.   Other things I learned at his knee..... If you see Wooly Worms those big huge fuzzy worms and they are all black, bad winter,  brown and black mixed and all brown mild.  Interesting?  When leaves turn up and you see the white underneath side, usually and i stress usually because I am finding old signs do not seem to work well anylonger,  means there will be rain within 24 hours.   These old signs are fun and usually right.  So,  Easter is coming early this year, late March.  Ground Hog should NOT see his shadow and we get an early Spring.....keep watch and see!

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