Even though we have a snow day today, I decided to brave going into town. The fact that I had to go to the bank to put money into my account before everything bounced is another matter altogether! I have a friend that is as into saving money as I am and we call each other all the time to brag about our savings. For a few days this week, one of our local grocery stores is having double coupons up to $1. I get veryexcited when this happens. It doesn't happen alot and they usually just put a sign up in the window and not the paper so this is a BIG event for us! Today I bought some items I usually don't buy just because I was going to get a great  deal and I wanted to treat myself. I of course bought things that were needed. I want to share a few examples:

Quaker Simple Harvest hot cereal Sale $1.88  coupon $1x2=free!!  (I"bought" 5 boxes)

Healthy Ones Oven Roasted Chicken lunchmeat reg. price $1.99  sale $1.19 coupon $1x2=free!! (qty:3)

Barilla Plus Pasta sale $1.89 each  had to buy 2, coupon $1x2=Buy 1 get 1 free!!

I bought 4 different brands of deo. on sale for $2 each, coupons$1x2=all free!!!

Assorted shampoos, some on sale, some on clearance=all free!!

My bill was originally $127.66

I PAID......

$53.51!!!!! If I wouldn't have had to buy milk and a few other necessities that are harder to get with coupons, it would have been much lower. Go me! I love showing my kids that saving money is as easy as that. My 11 year old just kept going over the receipt in awe. Now that, is something to brag about!

P.S. I also "buy" dog and cat food when it is free, even though I don't have animals and give it to the local shelter. I sometimes donate to our local food bank or meals on wheels program. It is good to share the wealth!

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