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Dear kathy
Below you will find your ClixSense stats. Status reports are sent on a weekly basis.

Affiliate incentive continued through January
Not only do you still get paid for clicking ads, still get paid 10 cents for referring new members, and 10% of ad purchase revenues from your downline... Premium members will now get paid FIVE LEVELS deep for referrals who upgrade their accounts to Premuim accounts! You heard it right - Five Levels! With the old program you only received $5 for each upgrade you referred. If you referred three, your maximum earnings for those referrals was $15. With our new and improved affiliate program, your max earnings for those three referrals is up to $366.50!!!

Free Referral Program
When you refer a new member to http://www.clixsense.com/?2338320 

you earn commissions three ways. First, for every person that you refer, you will earn a special commission of $0.10 cents. Second, when your referral purchases an ad spot on , you receive 10http://www.clixsense.com/?2338320

% of the fee ClixSense charges to display the ad. The third way of earning is if your referral upgrades to a "Premium" account, you earn $2.00 of the upgrade fee. Management reserves the right to extend this offer.

Here is your referral URL used to refer others to ClixSense:

Your personal affiliate Stats:
Number of active referrals: 30
Total affiliate commissions earned: $30.30

When members refer others to ClixSense they have the opportunity to earn commissions. Referring new members also increases the available number of "clix" available to you due to the fact that new members purchase advertising.

These Stats represent your "Total" earnings and clicks from the date you joined ClixSense.

Here are your personal ClixSense stats:
NAME: kathy j
Total clicks you've made: 755
Your total earnings: $70.75
Your account balance: 71.05
Your affiliate earnings: $30.30
Number of referrals: 30

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