k well first of all iam new at the cafemom so iam learning around this web page, well first off all i hade a baby january 5th 2007, that day wad the most wonderful day of my life i just chuolf not bealive that i brought that little baby girl in to this world but iam so glade i did cause she is the most wonderful thing that has happed to me well when my daughter was 3 weeks old she broke her arm well cps got involved and know my inlaws are trying to take my baby away thay have tacken us to court and this as been going on for a year and is still going on i really dont know what to do so plz help we have done everything we told to do and more and cps was going to put my daughter baack in the home and know my inlaw are pulling this so plz help me

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:06 PM I have one question. when your daughter broke her arm, how did it happen and what did the hospital say? If you want to talk about this in private you can contact me via email @ fitch.myra@gmail.com

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 12:04 AM what happend was my husband was picking her up out of the crib and she hade her arm in something and he did not notice it and he herard a pop we toock her to the er and the hospital said that it was a spiral brake and cps said we were going to half to be supervised for 3 days and so my inlaws toled cps that thay whould well on the 3rd day my mom called me from indiana that my sis is not doing good and i need to get up there so my inlaw sent me up there well to make the store short my 14 year old sis died and when i came back cps told that i need to go home and i whould not get to see my child unless we schedule appt so that is what happend and it hase been going on for  a year

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