If you have read any of my posts you know about 6 months ago I returned to live on Mainland USA after 5 years away... Our jouney started with Hawaii and then on to Japan.....

I know your thinking how cool Hawaii... and now that I look back it was! But don't think just because you are living in paradise all is paradise.... we had a share of challenges while liivng there. However, nothing prepared me for what was going to happen in Japan....while many amazing things happen.... primarily the birth of our second son!

However "I" got completely lost as a person there.....  So coming back to VA/DC was like a full circle and my journey to rediscovering myself  began! It started with some basics.. setting up a home, getting the boys use to life in the states ... something they had never experienced, and finding a church.

I've never officially joined a church, but I started going to UNMC...and I knew it was something I needed to do. We are now having our boys baptised there this summer, I'm on the welcome committee and looking to get further involved.

I've really struggeled with loosing my baby weight... so for xmas we joined a local gym that has childcare.... love it! we are now going 3-5 times per week.

Then there is the home based businesses....as much as I loved my past career I was not really ready to work full time outside the house.  Everyone said do something from home you have a passion for/really enjoy... so I become a Longaberger home consultant...... I love my baskets and pottery.But most of all I love working with bridal consultants and small groups looking for fundraising options.

I then started usborne books to earn books for  my boys and help preschools and other parents start their kids on the journey of reading.

Then finally ... there is Melaleuca...... we become customers  a few months ago... with no interest in starting a third business but now I'm totally loving the products and services they offer it seems natural to want to share ... switching where you shop and the health benefits for the entire family... so I've started the journey of learning more to see where it could fit into my life.

All of this has made a totally positive impact on my marriage, friendships and homelife 

So that is a little about me and my journey for the last year......

I'm totally open to answering questions and sharing stories with others on a journey......


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:24 PM

sounds like an awesome journey!  I am sure it was hard to move and reacclimate yourself so often!!! I hope you are here for good now!


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