If you didn't know  by now I live near Indianapolis, Indiana. Finally we've gotten some decent  Asian food markets. Then the ultimate prize: we got our own Japanese only market. Of course out in California Japanese only markets are a dime a dozen. Here in Indiana unless there is an actual Japanese population or some sort of population to support the specialty business it won't open. My mom is soooo supportive that she won't buy any of her Asian food products unless we go to the Japanese food store. The store is on the other side of town from us but then beggars can't be choosers.

Well, the great find is that thanks to one of my Japanese girlfriends that I made here in Indiana we found a Japanese speaking church. It's more of a gathering that borrows out in a church but hey I'm not complaining. During my college days out in San Francisco my roommate Kaori-chan who is Japanese but a Christian. She'd drag me to church every Sunday with her. So to me unless I hear church services in Japanese I'm just not motivated.

My mom is technically still Buddhist but she's been going to church for years! It seems that this Japanese 'gathering' is made up of mostly women from my mom's generation, (aka war brides), so she's pretty excited. I'm happy also because now my mom could find herself a friend.

More importantly for me I will finally get my son baptized. I wanted my friend Kaori-chan, (who is now  pastor of her own church in Ca.), to baptize her honorary nephew. However Kaori-chan said she couldn't because we didn't go to her church. My husband is a disgruntled Catholic boy so we won't be going that route. Although I do plan to have our son attend Catholic school.

Well, that's my wonderful news for the day.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:10 PM Wow that is great.  We just found a Japanese church here recently too.  I think it is called Japanese Harvest church?  Through the church we were able to find out that there is a Japanese school here.  The great part is it is suppoted by the Japanese consulate in Chicago so the cost is very minimal like $40 a month.  I'm so excited.  We go for a trial visit next week. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:08 PM That is totally awesome!  :)  Glad to see you've got some positive vibes on your end.  YAY!  *hugs*

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