Yesterday Mark told me very sincerely that I am his favorite person in the whole world. It was the sweetest thing - the whole moment. Kinda outta the blue as we were just having a good time. He is so much my buddy as well as everything else.

Today I got a call from the school counselor. I tried to take Kaia's cell phone this morning as she is grounded, but she wouldn't give it up. Then she tells me there is a job fair today after I told her she needs to come straight home. When I asked how she was getting there and reminded her I need to know who she is driving around with she just stopped talking. Wouldn't answer or respond at all, just sat there with an evil glare. Apparently she was tearing up in first period and was sent to the counselor. Apparently last night she talked with Cheryl about all this stuff that she is going thru that I have no idea what it is since she ignores me as much as possible. So who knows what's going on now... is she fighting with Cookie? Is she worried about school? Is she mad at me for something else? I have no idea... I got an e-mail from my mom earlier this week in response to mine, one part of which was mentioning the challenges of raising a teenager. She and my stepdad had four at once (we're all two years apart). She said usually at least one of us was doing ok so they didn't feel like total loser parents.


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Feb. 2, 2008 at 7:10 PM I'm sorry hon.  I hope this gets better for you soon...

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