In December, 2005, a couple of weeks before Christmas, I was sitting in my office chatting on the cell phone with my husband.  He was standing outside the courtroom waiting for his case to be called.  While we were just chatting wasting time, an officer came up to my husband and told him they had an emergency situation developing and needed his assistance.  My husband told me he had to go be appointed as guardian ad litem for a little girl who was very sick in the hospital.  We said goodbye and hung up. 

Shortly thereafter, my husband called me back and said, "This little girl needs more than a guardian ad litem, she needs a guardian."  I asked what was going on and he explained the situation to me.  I told him to bring her home.  He went back into the court, and told them that he and I would be the guardians, and that the court could appoint someone else as guardian ad litem.  This was done and my husband brought this beautiful but very sick 22 month old little girl home to me.

Brooklyn stayed in our home for several weeks.  During this time, DCS actively looked for family who would be able to care for her because in Tennessee they want to place a child with family.  However, while DCS was looking for someone to take care of her, she found her way into my family's heart.  Actually, she found her way to our hearts the first night she was there.  She was so sick, and so dirty, and had nothing but a hospital gown, blanket and socks.  We went shopping and bought clothes and diapers and food, borrowed a baby bed, dug in the attic for baby sheets and comforters, and she became ours.

In January 2006, the Court found family, a great-aunt and uncle, who were the only members of Brooklyn's family who weren't convicted felons.  Fortunately, these people realized what Brooklyn had become to my family and whay my family had become to Brooklyn.  Two years later, we still see her on a regular basis.  She is so precious to us and we would all like to keep her permanently, but we have to follow the Court's order. 

So, that's the pictures of the little blond girl.  My darlin' little B.  She's delightful, and has been one of the best gifts I've ever had but also one of my biggest heartbreaks.  I give my husband a hard time telling him that he told me he'd never hurt me and he has probably done so more than anyone else will ever be able to because it breaks my heart a little every time she goes back to her great-aunt and uncle's house.

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