I can't believe that it is the first day of February! The countdown to spring is on...or so I keep telling myself. Well thank god today is Friday. We had a nice ice storm last night, which really meant nothing for me becaue my kids arn't in school yet but everyone has off...except Michael. He went in to work today with our beater car because the Mountaineer is in the shop. It has those brakes that you have to pump in order to stop which makes me nervous. Anyhow, my house is a disaster. It's in need of a good scrubing. This weekend is Joshua's baptism. Which means it is also a reason for our families to get together. I'm not going to lie I'm nervous. It's always an experience when they come together. My one sister has a boyfriend I am not thrilled about, I just have an issue with 27 year olds that have a kid and he doesn't have custody. Plus, I used to get high with this man and I really don't understand why he's interested in my 20 year old college student sister. When I found out my sister was dating him, and I actually saw him for the first time in 3 years, he hasn't changed a bit...That's a red flag to me. And what the hell is wrong with my sister? Why would you want a man like that anyhow. I mean, my oldest brother in law is 26 and has a wife, a family, a real job that isn't Wal-Mart or Boston Market and owns a home. I mean, to me that's where a 27 year old should be in his life...but because I love my sister I told her he could come. Maybe he'll learn a thing or two. That's just one of the things that bothers me. My younger brother and Mike's younger brother don't like eachother, our mother's always seem to have some unresolved issue with the other...I don't know I'm projecting but I'm nervous. I'm sure everything will work out. Mike's Great Uncle is a priest who is doing the baptism, and I think that's pretty awesome. It will be nice for everyone to get to see our new house afterwards. And it's super bowl Sunday...Go Giants! I can't wait to see them pull the biggest upset in NFL history!


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