Every month I look at the page in Parents Magazine that lists the toy recalls. It makes me so mad that our government is not protecting our children. Standards need to be set up and adhered to. Toys are still being recalled for high amounts of lead paint or cribs for breaking and possibly causing injury or even death. Or toys that are poorly manufactured (probably to the cheapest bidder to produce) that break apart and cause choking hazards to babies. I was so scared to go Christmas shopping last year, not wanting to get toys that could harm my girls! When is the government that is supposed to be for the people going to step up and start taking action?


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Mar. 1, 2008 at 11:10 AM

i totally agree.  I have a Bebe Pod for my little girl, and when i went to buy one, the bumbo seats had a sfety recall posted in Target and THEY WERE STILL SELLING THEM~!!!!!!!!!!!!  Same goes for Doctor Brown bottles.  One type was recalled due to something.....I was told from an employee at Toys-R-Us it was the wide-neck ones, BUT THERE ON THE SHELVES EVERYWHERE!!!!!!  I mean maybe im wrong, but still.

And i went to walgreens, they were in the middle of taking some binkys off the chelves cause of the part the baby sucks on coming off and choking babies.  Like come on guys, why would you make them that badly that they come off first use!??!  Its so rediculous!

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