So we're all moved in, at least with what we have, which isn't much!!! We need furniture. Andy's uncle is giving him a leather living room suite. Yay!!! Then all we really need is a bed and then comes the little stuff. So here are some pictures...


The front of the house

He likes having a door he can look out of!!! He's been sitting there all day.

One view of our front yard

The other side of the front yard

Coat closet: on the right when you walk in

One view of our living room. It's a MESS right now...

Other side of the living room. I love the big windows. We just need new blinds.

Hallway. I love that closet.

Our empty bedroom. This will soon be Sadie's nursey, all decorated within the next 2 months hopefully!!!

Our bedroom and the lovely air mattress my parents have provided for us until we get a bad. It is actually SUPER comfortable. I only woke up once last night to pee. ONCE!!! This never happens. Usually I am up 5-10 times throughout the night.

One view of our kitchen. This is my favorite room!

The other side of our kitchen. I just think it's a cute kitchen!

Looking into the backyard through the kitchen windows. LOVE these windows!!! I need to get some little curtains for the top of them.

Looking down the steps to our basement, which is HUGE...we just need a washer/dryer. Anyone wanna give me one??? haha

One view of our tiny lil' bathroom

Other view of the bathroom. I think the tiling on the floor is really cool!

A view of part of our backyard, plus the side of the garage.

I can't wait to fix up the yard this summer!!! The line down is from Comcast, so it'll be back up Monday when they hook up our cable. As for the rest of it, it needs raked bad and some grass seeds planted! We have a dog house for Jager and most of it is fenced in, just a few parts that need patched up. Also where all that snow is in the middle is a fire pit which will come in handy this summer.

Our side porch, which is going to be great for bbq-in in the summer. The railing needs fixed a bit, but not a huge deal!!!

 And thank goodness for a wireless connection while I'm bored without internet or cable all weekend!!! There's our house :)

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:15 PM

Thats way nice! im so jealous haha... lucky girl! I would post pictures of my house prefix and postfix... but the fixing it up never happened because I got pregnant again right after we moved in here lol. Its a house of my husbands thats been in the family for years, and needs alot more work than we realized so we are just going to move into an already fixed up house! Which, lucky you, you already have! :D It looks great! The white walls are so soft looking and the entire house is just very inviting. Oh one more thing... do you have carpet at all? Our place only has hardwood floors and they are such a hassle with a baby! I think I sweep three times a day, its exhausting! Good luck on your beautiful home :D

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 12:23 PM That is great!!!  I hope you enjoy your new house!!!!

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 10:41 PM I'm glad you found a place you LOVE. It looks great and it is a big plus that you can add your own touches. Congrats!!!

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Mar. 16, 2008 at 10:47 PM Hey did you ever get a washer or dryer?

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