Ameriplan just announced that you can now work from the comfort of your own home, in your pajamas if you want, for only $25.00!!!!!!


But through me it can be FREE TO WORK AT HOME!!
Read the UPDATE below to learn more.

What do you receive for $25?
  1. A Fantastic Marketing Kit which will include Brochures, DVDs, Forms, and a $50 certificate to put towards anything else you may want.
  2. 5 websites to market your business.
  3. Personal one on one training and mentoring.
  4. Training from the best in the industry.
  5. Dental, Vision, Prescription, and Chiropractic benefits for your entire household.
 Other Benefits:
  1. Set your own hours! Work from Home!
  2. Be your Own Boss!
  3. Make what you are worth!
  4. This business is willable and sellable.
  6. Help others every day get the Healthcare they desperately need!
  7. Help others work from home just like you.

 Recap of who we are: AmeriPlan is a 15-year old, reputable company. We are the nation's largest discount health benefits provider and offer benefits to almost two million members nationwide.  From the comfort of our home we offer a service that allows people to save money on their healthcare costs...which is very rewarding!


UPDATE: When you join my team I will reimburse you $25 when you reach your first promotion within your first 30 days!!!  That means you will have paid nothing to join.

Bonus: When you get your starter kit there will be $50 worth of vouchers good toward sales aids to get your business up and running. So.......$25 to join then $25 refunded by me in 30days = $0So it will cost you nothing to test the waters and you will earn money to boot!!!
How do you get your first promotion? Enroll 4 new IBO's (independent business owners) and 6 new Benefit Members. I will even help you to accomplish this. My goal is to see you succeed!!

NOTE: The sooner you join then the more time you will have to take advantage of this special promotion to build your business. So don't wait. You can join as early as Friday February 1, 2008.

Visit  to request an interview and get more information!  The sooner you start, the sooner you can start making money!!

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