I'm taking off my big girl panties and am about to pout like a 5 year old!! 

 Do you ever feel like you're a disposable friend, you're cool to hang out with, but if you weren't there it wouldn't matter?  I feel I'm only a friend when it's convenient.  I'll go as far back as when I was pregnant.  Before then I'd get invited to hang out and party, but as soon as I got pregnant SCREEEECH.  I didn't even get asked if I wanted to go out, like I couldn't be any fun because I was pregnant.  I had made a new friend during that time and when she met a few of my other ones they were like "Oh my god, she is so fun to party with, what till she has the baby!"  Like I'm only cool when I can drink. 

My birthday falls on Christmas eve, so you can imagine it's not usually cause for any celebration outside of my immediate family. So how do I feel getting invited to celebrate  another friend' birthday earlier this month and get told, "Well yours falls on a shitty day" So basically no effort was made before or after because if it's not convenient to anyone, it doesn't matter.

I asked my friend what she was doing for Superbowl Sunday.  She gives me this look like she doesn't want to say, so I answer for her "You got invited to so-and-so's"  She sheepishly nods yes.  So-and-so is a part of this little group I hang out with, the same that said my b-day fell on a shitty day.  Well, I didn't get invited, either because I suck (which I was good enough for me and my kids to go to her kid's b-day party) or because I would probably have to bring the boys cause dad is out of town.  How does she know I couldn't have found a sitter had I been given time? She actually slipped up and mentioned the SB party a few weeks ago, so it's been a go for a while.  Me and So-and so aren't best friends or anything, she actually get on my nerves, but it's the fact I'm the only she didn't invite. 

If I suck, say I suck, I can respect that and we don't have waste each others time.  But please, don't make me feel like I'm only worth being a friend when it's convenient.  Okay, big girl pants back on!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:31 PM I have the same issue. My b/Fo f 20+ years treats me the same way.  I guess she's not reallly my best friend.  When ever someone new comes around they think she is a good friend until you get to know her. She puts people down, is always talking about someone. I would have stopped hanging around her at all.  Actually, she is friends with me because I am reliable and trustworthy.  I dont really know why we are still tight if she didnt want to be my friend she should say so.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:52 PM

Yeah, I lost my best friend once I got pregnant too.  I dont really get it.  It was hard enough me being married and her being single.  I am not sure why that doesnt work out too well.  Ever since then its been hell trying to connect with other women and making real friends. 

Hailyn and I will be by our lonesome on Super Bowl....if you wanna take the kids out and do something Id love to hang out.  We could go anything.  Chuckee Cheese (i don tknow if the boys are too old for that)....just let me know!

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Feb. 6, 2008 at 6:51 PM Aww Steph, that is terrible. I am sorry that you were made to feel that way. I know we don't REALLY know one another but you can come hang out with me anytime. I always treat others the way that I want to be treated. I hope that things get better for you.

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