Hi, I want to get some mommy feedback from all you ladies. I just took over the nursery at our church. i am in the process of getting together a list of things that we need for our nursery and i was wondering what you think. Here is my question. If you were to walk into a church nursery what would you expect to see? What would you as a mom like to see? Diapers? wipes? hand sanitizer? I want your ideas and feedback. I have a list of my own but i want to know what you ladies think as well. Thank you. God bless

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:23 PM crib, changin table, diapers wipes age approtae toys and blankets and a rocking chair too lots of the same that  you would find at home i would say have lots of fun i do nursery too its a real riot sometimes

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 10:55 PM I would like to see hand sanitizer like you said so I know that atleast the adults hands will be clean!  well a crib or play pen thingy to let kids rest if they are sleepy, toys(age appraopriate like the above poster said), changing table or pad...diapers, wipes, rocking chair, blankets to cover nursing mommies from little peeking eyes :o)  Well what I like about some nurseries is that they have a seperate room for the sleeping babies so that a mommy could lay a child down and not worry about him/her waking up crying.  I don't know....

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