Its not easy dealing with all the pain i'm going through after the abortion i know i've been bashed by other women who are not so "open minded" and more "close minded" and thats ok they have their own opionions and have their right to them... but that doesn't mean they have to make those of us who have made that decision feel even worse because we already take the pain emotionally and physically enough without them yelling at us for what we did and i know its not something we are proud of but for us it was the right choice... now with all that being said and now that i am in recovery and trying to relax and ease my mind and not think about what has happend... well anyways i'm dealing with the pain the best way i know how and thats taking it one day at time and trying to be able to look at my son and cry.. but instead by playing games with him and making him laugh... well thats all i can say for now ...

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 3:43 PM

hello. just wanted to say only u know what was right 4 u & ur situation....keep ur head up...time will help a little. sorry 4 ur pain.


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