Last week I was feeling pretty bad.  I caught some kind of mutated illness from my children. I have to be really sick or in labor before I sent my other half to the grocery store by himself.  I wrote him a list this time hoping that he'd forget all of the other stuff he wanted to buy and just get what we needed.

Yeah, uh huh......

Truth be told, he did get the things I asked for.  That was 1 bag out of the 10 he brought home.  My kids kind of enjoy it when I'm sick because they get to eat lots of things that I normally don't buy.  Eating dinner in the living room isn't out of the question then either.  I don't mind the kids eating in the living room except for the fact that I hate to find veggies under the couch 3 weeks afterwards.

There's just too many temptations in the kitchen for me right now.  I'd really like to eat those chips.  The frozen jalapeno poppers are yummy and so easy to throw in the oven.   Refrigerator cinnamon rolls......they only take 10 minutes or so to make!   Ice cream!   A can of chocolate Reddi Whip???  Hot fudge sauce?     White Castle burgers, too.   Frozen stuffed clams & shrimp.

If I don't get out of here I'm going to become as wide as I am tall.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:50 PM hahahahahahaha!  The one and only time I sent my husband to the grocery store by himself was right after I had my first kid.  It was a disaster.  He didn't get anything I wanted right.  He got similar things, but not exactly what I wanted.   I lived with my single dad from the time I was 9 - 17 and that's exactly how he always grocery-shopped.  We never went without frosted Cheerios, soda, kool-aid, cookies, or doritos.  Those were the staples.  LOL  Luckily, I didn't really eat all that junk food back then (hardly any of it now).  My sister though was always a chow-hound on those chips and all that junkfood.  Still is.

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