Do you ever notice how the rain sometimes has a special scent. Especially late at night or early in the morning. Something so fresh, like everything is starting all over again. It's such a long time since I've seen the rain. It seems so long ago that the world was quiet and peaceful. There always seems to be something happening. Even when there are no phones ringing, no babies crying, it seems impossible to find a perfect moment's peace. And then there's the rain. Stepping outside for just a brief moment and taking a deep breathe seems to recharge the batteries.

I always loved the rain until I moved to a place where it never stopped. Now I live somewhere else and I hardly ever get to see it.

Some days are made for rain. Some days are made for doing nothing but sitting inside, curled up on the couch with hot chocolate smothered in whipped cream, reading a great book or watching old favourites on television. Rain is special. Days like that remind me of my mother, coming home from school and just hanging out together.

 I do love the rain.

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