One of my family's favorite places to picnic is at Launiopoko Beach in Lahaina Maui Hawaii. My daughter loves to surf there so we make the most of it and go with the family to barbecue and stay all day. Everyone in the family is contacted and whoever can make it comes. I uploaded just a few pictures if you want to see. There not very good pictures but I'll add some more later.

Launiopoko is a good place to learn to surf as well. My brother, my daughter, and my brother's friend often take the little ones out on their boards to surf. Our children aren't rippers but they have a lot of fun in the water.

There's also a little pool where the little ones can swim and not get bombarded by waves rolling in. Lots of people like to have parties there but the parking is so limited. You have to get there early to reserva a place and many times your guests end up having ot park across the street. Still, it's a fun place, lots of room, tables, and barbecue pits.



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