Eyes flashing with tears of sorrow.
Brightness miscarried, lost tomorrow.
He holds her face in hands.
Makes his frantic demands.

She's being torn apart.
Why are you sad? He asks her.
She can say nothing, her words would cut his heart.
She'd only hurt him further.

Death stands behind her, unveiling his caring face.
She can only mourn herself, and wish that she could leave this place.
Why won't she go away, and save herself the pain.
She asks this everyday, her tears mimic the rain.

She tears herself apart.
She looks at her past, the footsteps leading to her heart.
Why can't she just forget it all and smile, hold herself together.
She wishes that she could be protected from her deadly weather.

He doesn't understand about her other lurking love, fol'wing her every move
He's had her in his grasp so long, her intoxication mustn't be proved.
He holds her life in his hands, he's tearing her apart.
He's crushing all her happiness and shredding her heart.

She hates him, this unveiled face, death's rumored just a myth.
She knows he's real and hates him, she's wishing he would take her, get this over with.
She hates the feelings that she has, it's driving her apart.
He has her life, her body, her tongue, her thoughts, her brain, her heart.

He's staring at the earth, where she's laying underneath.
Holding just a couple flowers, gritting his dry teeth.
He didn't understand what death was to her, his wife.
He mourns her, wishes she wouldn't've taken her own life.

He holds his infant close the last part of her he has.
Closes his eyes and sighs and finally inhales again at last.
He walks away and looks back, a tear flecks his eye.
He sighs once more and thinks of her and whispers,"Love, good bye".

She's watching him from far away, she's calling out his name.
Death has her enslaved.
She wishes she could just see them, and things could be the same.
Instead they have to pay for Deaths Cruelest Game.

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Feb. 18, 2008 at 10:25 AM


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