Hannah is seven months old. She stands (and crawls obviously) and wants to get into everything. She is my little klutz because she is always bumping on to something. She has an ear infection, Croup and rotavirus all in the matter of three weeks :) aren't I lucky!! But luckily the rotavirus wasn't severe and she is doing much better now. Because of all of this I had to leave my new awesome job and take care of her. I had quit my easy job at the mall to go to a job with more hours and benefits. So now I have no job, I am bored and the mall doesn't want me back. (I think they were mad I quit-even though I did it correctly.) So I am bored all the time taking care of the baby and trying to keep up with the house-which as us moms know is a full time job in itself. But the BD(baby daddy) just has a  way of always making me feel like I am not good enough. Today he even had the nerve to tell me I was a great babysitter. WTF!! I am tired of being viewed as just a baby mama/babysitter. There is more to being a parent then a paycheck. I am seriously on the verge of packing some stuff and going to my parents for a while just to get away. Maybe then when the dishes and laundry start piling up he'll start to realize that I do not just sit on my butt all day and eat bon bon's and watch soap operas.  No my days are filled with nursery rhymes, baby books, teaching her to self feed, trying to keep her away from cords etc.. Being a mom is the most  rewarding thing I have ever done with my life and he makes it seem like its a chore. An interruption to his everyday life-WTF, why can't men be like us sometimes?

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