I posted this in my groups but didn't get a whole lot of respose. Can anyone help?


Xylia has been on soy formula for ever now because she is milk sensitive (not lactose intolerant) and she used to puke on cows milk formula. Well now that she's a year I have tried her twice now on whole milk,


anyway, the first time she had 8 poopy diapers in 2 days, and not small ones either. Now I just gave her some the other day and her poop has been really soft and gross. Now I know that soy stops you up so her poops have been clay like for as long as she's been on it, but what I am wondering is, is this normal from switching (like switching formulas) or could this be that it's still funny in her tummy?

Anyone else have to go through this?
Maybe it was just a fluke. Any thoughts are appreciated!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:18 PM I think that the switch has probably shocked her tummy a bit. The soy may be regulating her again and that's why you're getting clay. You can't switch milks (breast to cow, breast to formula, formula to cow, or soy to cow) without some kind of consequenses.

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