Ok... at least there's a name to why she struggle to be organized and why she's having trouble with her grades at school, but now what do I do? She's so frustrated! Her pediatrician has recommended a medication and I think it would be good to try it. Maybe she'll be able to focus which would have her doing better in school thereby boosting her self confidence. There's is just so much information out there and I've read so much ...I'm kinda confused!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:22 PM I understand.  My SD and DH both have ADD.  I can't BELIEVE the difference in both of them when they take their meds.  It is night and day.   I was always never sure how I felt before about giving med for something like that until I met my husband.  Is it is amazing how much it helps.  Even her teachers see the difference and she is an A student in all classes now.  I hope this helps.

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