I dont know what every one else is doing but I know with a preemie its good to stay away from crowds etc.  And I  am soo bored. !!!  We do things every once in a awhile, but I used to leave the house like everyday,  I want her to be safe.  She has had her flu shots and RSV shots.  I just had this idea when she came home that id be out with her allll the time.  NOPE.  Not like that at all.  I may be paranoid, ok I am paranoid. Anyone in self confinment also?

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 7:08 PM I try to be careful but I still go out with Shalynn! She is almost a year now but she has had her RSV shots! And has only had one cold so far! Hopefully it stays that way:)

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