Hey guys, I have an ongoing issue with my daughter. She is now 14 mos old and still does not sleep through the night nor very rarely in her own bed if she does sleep all night. She might go about 4 hrs then wake up crying sometimes I can sooth her and lay her back down for a few more hrs then she ends up in bed with us b/c I am so tired to keep getting up. On rare occasions I just leave her in bed with us so she will sleep all night. The past few nights she has stayed in her own bed but cried our a few times but I was able to get her back down in her own bed but around 7 she wakes up and I bring her to our bed. Our living situation right now does not allow us to put her in her own room and my fiances mother says thats part of our problem, that she can smell us and knows we are in here with her. If any of you have any ideas of advice I would appreciate it, she does have a nightly routine, that is the same every night, she gets a bath between 730-8 then plays for a bit usually eats her last "dinner" snack and we bring her upstairs around 9-930 and she watches cartoons with her daddy some nights she goes to sleep no problem others she is up till between 10-1130. The later she goes to sleep the later she sleeps then she takes a later nap then goes to bed later and so on and so on, When we visit my parents in lancaster she goes to bed around 930 and gets up around 830-9 in the morn. but still cries out at night and takes a earlier nap I dont understand why we cant keep her on this sched. here at home.


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:35 PM one thing that might help if she takes a late nap wake her up early from it so she doesn't sleep to late... how about letting her sleep with a shirt of yours or your fiances?  then she has a piece of you with her.

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