My husband just Quit his job of 2 years because things were getting really bad & the plant was closing. Now he's at home with me & "our"  three kids. He keeps telling me that we'll be fine we can live off the income-tax $ until he finds another job. But I'm worried. ( He's a big spender on allot of nothing.) In other words he spends allot of $ on un-necessary things & lets the important stuff  "wait till latter".  I've tried some "work from home" stuff but you had to "spend $ to make$" and I don't have anything to spend. I've been told theire's no JOBS on line, just " business opertunity's" I think what they really mean is "I'll scam you out of your $ then teach you to scam others."    Well I'm desperate for help. So I need advice. What better then feedback from other mom's.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:45 PM Look up Live Ops... I'm not sure if it's or what, but do a search... I guess they pay pretty good and you're actually like an employee, not a "business owner." Good luck!

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