No, I really hate taxes, what a dumb idea, this whole tax return business.  The more I hear about "Fair Tax" the more I like it.  But it will never happen because of all the businesses that would end because of it like H&R BLock and so on.  But whatever.  I do get excited about taxes because the last few years I get a big fat return.  And yes, I realize that is not a good thing; I'm giving an interest-free loan to the government each year.  A few year ago though, my husband and I had our one good, childless, year where we worked non stop and made great money (at least compared to our previous college student selves) and ended up OWING the government $2300!  It wiped out our savings account, but thank goodness we were able to cover it.  But here I was all proud of what we had worked for and created savings for ourselves, only to have it all taken away - grrr!!!  So as we had children, and I've been working less and less, we have never adjusted our W4s to reflect our family changes, and so too much tax is being taken out.  And lets be honest, if I had that $ each month, it would just get spend paying bills.  My credit card debt may be a bit lower, but I think overall, we'd be in the same situation.  So NOW, when it comes tax time, its a bit of an exciting event, because I know the time I spend doing it, and researching all the allowable write-offs and so on, I get thousands of dollars back.  Last year I paid off a student loan.  THIS year, I get to pay off my car!!!  I think we're going to celebrate that day!  Its a big accomplishment, I think, to outright own your car, especially knowing that it has many great years left in it (knock on wood).  So I'm excited.  All the receipt saving, and research can payoff!

The only frustrating part, right now, is waiting for the W2s!  We recieved the main ones, but my husband and I get a few side jobs and they drag their feet at sending forms.  My whole return is done, I'm just waiting to plug in the last W2.  Itching to send it off and get my check.  *sigh*  If its not here by monday, I'm calling people. 

Have fun out there, anyone reading this, ready to, or putting off, doing taxes! :-)  (feel free to ask me for help)

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 4:45 PM I would super-duper love for something like the Steve Forbes' Fair Tax to pass. Unfortunately it's never to be. :(

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Apr. 14, 2008 at 4:46 AM

Thanks for your post...I am a MAJOR SUPER DUPER FAIR TAX activist (if you will) SUPPORTER!!


A) get educated (40% of Americans don't even know/understand how their lives would change under the FAIR TAX)

B) GET loud via phone calls and letters to our representatives!!  The last time I recall THEY WORK FOR US!!

I noted that you and mom2theboy each made the comment that it would never happen?  WHY

In the founding of our nation WOMEN WERE NOT ALLOWED TO VOTE & now WE DO.... it happened

Homeschooling a short 20-25yrs. ago was ILLEGAL in most states & now IT IS LEGAL... it happened

WE the PEOPLE spoke up and PREVENTED the immigration reform

WE CAN GET RID OF THE IRS...FILING TAXES...have a check that doesn't have the federal government TAKING our hard earned money...  we just need to do A & B!!

There are currently 69 Co-Sponsors from 26 different states is your rep a co-sponsor?  Check here  I also have a Moms for Fair Tax here on CM group...

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