For her to call other men daddy, at the store today she called every guy she seen daddy, then she cries for him and when he gets home he ignores HER, then when he finally pays attetion she call him mommy. Then he takes my card away cause I spent 12 dollars at the store.

wondering about the daddy thing though

he throught up he has a job I don't and makes me feel worthless he told me I would spend time with them if you cleaned the house, the damn house is clean and will not spend time with them, he plans on watching the super bowl I hope the lights go out so he can't.

I might be back later to rant some more.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:20 PM I am sorry that  you are deling with such an ass hole. I suggest you try to find something possitive or yourself so your life does not revolve around your home life. You and your child deserves better. Mommy needs to take care of herself and then tend to the needs to her child. You can not force someone to act like a man or father. His personal issues are not yours and you can not force someone to change especially when they do not even see a problem.

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