Oh my gosh I'm sooooooooooo upset.  My 16 year old daughter is a sophomore who hasn't really taken school seriously until last year.  This year has been the most serious yet.

She has a 504 plan for ADD and one of the interventions is for her to bring home a progress report every Friday.  She's pretty good about that which I'm happy about.

If she likes the teacher she will do well in the class but if she doesn't like the teacher, she shuts down and basically quits.

Her worst subject has always been math.  If she gets a 'C' she's doing good.  I understand that we all have a subject we stink at and math is hers.

All of her progress reports for math have been pretty good.  'B's and 'C's.  Not bad for her. 

For no reason what -so- ever she suddenly dislikes her math teacher.  She gives every excuse for not liking him. 

She brought home this weeks progress report and she is getting a 'F' in math.   Now I'm not a rigid Mom and I'm pretty understanding, especially with math.  But what made me sooo mad was that all of her progress report was an 'F.'  She had 6 home-works with an 'F' which tells me she isn't even trying.  And 2 of them were missing.

She blames her math grade on the fact that her teacher doesn't teach her.  She doesn't like him because he is tough on her and won't let her get away with not doing her work. 

She won't even get a tutor.

This is so very frustrating.  I don't know what to do.  Grounding her won't help.  Talking to her doesn't help.  She just starts yelling and blaming; she's a pro at the blame game.

Just venting here; I don't know if there's a solution but needed to vent my frustration. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:23 PM Well, all I can advise is talk to the teacher...Get involved that way, I noticed with my son the same kind of pattern. He has ADHD, he is younger than your daughter though, but, I noticed when I speak face to face with the teacher and developed a communication between US the teacher somehow sees that WE are involved and WE are trying to make this work...Don't throw in the towel, see if you could get yourself together and do what you do best..."Mommy to the rescue.: 101, GOOD LUCK, LET ME KNOW THE OUTCOME...

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