I never will forget my flu shot again....I know it isn't a guarantee but DANG it if I won't try to do anything that keeps me from going through this again.  Plus it ran through the whole family but Love Bug (thank goodness).  If they had the flu shot in stock when I took Busy Body to her one year appointment I would have gotten it for her but they were out of stock and it was horrible watching her go through it and she was battling a UTI at the same time poor little thing.  KK and I started taking Vitamin C and Echinacea when DH got it so we got a milder case I believe.  Diva got the stomach bug part of it mostly and she carried the fever around for a few days so she had to miss school. Gotta run get the girls', gonna grab some Subway for dinner, and then hang out maybe play a game or watch a movie.

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