I just got this link on another list today. It's for an organization that
gives gently used cloth diapers and other natural items to families in need.
They also take donations. http://www.miraclediapers.org/home.html

Miracle Diapers has proudly cloth diapered over 700 babies in three years! Every year we receive more than double the amount of applications we have in the previous years! We look forward to watching the numbers of those we've helped soar into the thousands this year!

Miracle Diapers has assisted those in need all over the world. Most of our applicants are from the US and Canada, but we welcome applications from anywhere. We have joyfully sent diapers to Latvia, Germany, Japan, Australia, and India to name a few.

Though our focus is on cloth diapers, we accept any donations that promote natural living and baby care. We accept and redistribute baby carriers, natural baby items, unused natural menstrual items, unused cloth nursing pads and other nursing accessories, baby clothes and furniture.

Miracle Diapers is 100% volunteer run so your donations go directly to families in need.

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May. 17, 2012 at 2:39 PM

The link isn't working for me. :/


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