I just needed to vent...( and some Help)
I live in Galveston County (Texas) and I was just denied access to being a poll volenteer for this years elections ased on the fact that I am a Democrat (I will reserve comment on the fact that I am also Black and a Woman...
Too many minority traits for their liking, I guess).

Now, I applied a few months ago (3-4 months to be exact) and I was sent the paperwork and contact #'s for the county to get assigned. I was Origanally told that they were in dire need of volenteers (during early voting and Official Voting) and "any time" that I could donate to helping would be greatly appreciated. However, as the information taking process progressed and my ethnicity was gathered, my Party Affiliation was requested ( now I declaired that on my Voter's Reg. Card) and once I said Democratic, the conversation took a cold left turn and de-evolved into one of "well we really dont need that much help during the early voting, but I am sure we can find something to do with you on election day."

Find something to do with me... What th sam He?l does that mean?

So, I have called local Radio 1 (radio stations) and am sending an e-mail to Tom Joyner and the State Secretarys Office. I know I live in a Republican State where the current Administration Head calls home, but how obvious is it going to get... (Flash back 7 years ago).

Please, Forward this to any one you feel would be hepful in getting the word out. And feel free to contact me via e-mail with tips, ideas and suggestions on how to combat this injustice.



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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:11 PM yeah, i'm sure my democrat atheist views would certainly disallow me from manning the polls in dallas.

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