I have been busting my ass for the last two years to get where I can graduate, and get on with my life. But no matter how much I seem to be busting my ass, and no matter how good I seem to be doing, it always seems like I am being dragged down again, and getting screwed all over again.

Things were going great. I started my job at McDonalds... worked two days this week, Wednesday and Thursday. Well today I went to school and everything was cool. We got our report cards in Homeroom at the end of the day... I thought that my grades were going to be good.... but no. I failed Sociology. Now, let me say I needed 8 credits to graduate in June. (We do block 4x4 schedules.) Well... this semester, according to my report card from last semester... I am going to need 5 credits instead of four. And if your wondering why I failed this class, let me say, my school is full of a bunch of DUMBASSES! They have this system where you have to appeal your days if you miss over five in a semester. Well I did, so I appealed. My absences were excused, and I went to two Saturday Academies. When I went to my appeals hearing, my mom and I were told that I was good to go and that my appeals were approved. Well,  when I saw my report card, I went and talked to the facilitator for that class, I was told that I failed because my appeals were denied. I dont understand how that could have happened. How could they do that?? They approved people who had been suspended, missed over half the semester, skipped class all the time.... how could they deny me????? I tried talking to the principal, but I was told that he wasnt there today... and I saw him right before homeroom... Urg... they piss me off.. Me and mom are going up there Monday to have a little talk with them about that and about Discrete Math and Chemistry.

We have a Discrete Math teacher who doesn't know what the hell she is talking about. She tells us that she is learning it with us, she doesnt even know how to slove the problems, nor how to teach anything. We are working on getting her gone too.

As for Chemistry, I am going to try and get it dropped... and pick up Teacher's Assistant for a former teacher of mine.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:19 PM

Good luck on Monday! Hope things get straightened out.


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Feb. 4, 2008 at 11:24 AM u got everything fixed now AND i brought u ur hotwings so its all good lol loves ya!

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