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I am pretty exhausted from the work week. I work full-time and then go home and tend to a 2 year old energetic baby boy. Of course, my husband needs attention too like dinner and chit chat. Wow, sometimes I don't know how I do it. AND on top of all that I have my part-time business that I am trying to grow. Since the start of my baby product line business back in January of '07, I have finally decided to take the steps in '08 to really get it going. I started promoting myself a lot more... thus my new membership to CafeMoms. My plan is quit my job in July when I will be expecting my second child. I think by then I will have a REAL business to fall back on. Yep, I am leaving my job of nearly 5 years. It was a good gig while it lasted, but I am ready to move on to newer exciting things. Well, more about that later.

 So, yes, I am happy it is Friday. Not that it will be super relaxing weekend, but that is ok. Hanging out with my son and husband are the best times ever!

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