Well, we have made it more than a month.  I will say life has been nothing, but hectic since the twins have been born.  We have had nothing, but sleepless nights, doctor visits, illnesses, and mass chaos.  Im exhausted.  I just want a full nights sleep one time.  That's all I'm asking for!  I haven't done anything for me in so long.  All I do, is get dressed (if I'm lucky) and take care of the babies and Noelle.  I try to do some laundry and keep the house picked up when I can.  That's about all I can manage.  It's been so hectic.  I thought it was hard when Noelle was a baby because she cried a lot.  Well, now I have double trouble and they are both as fussy as she was!  I know it will get better, but when your going through it, things feel like they will never change! 

On top of that, my baby boy, Shane has acid reflux and he aspirates when he eats.  That means the milk goes into his airways to his lungs.  So, the way to fix this is to put, a thickening agent in his formula.  The problem....he doesn't drink formula.  I'm breastfeeding both of them.  They told me that if he isn't better in 2 days, (which nothing is better yet), I either need to stop nursing or pump.  I don't have time to pump.  Not with another baby and a 3 year old.  So, if he doesn't get better I have to give bottles.  I'm so down about it.  We were doing so well with breastfeeding.  I want to give my babies what is best, just like I did for Noelle.  I feel like I'm shorting them, because I can't nurse for a year like I did with Noelle.  I could still nurse Madion, but it's too hard to have them doing different things.  I want to keep them on the same routine/schedule as much as I can! 

So, pray for us...pray that things get better soon because this is so hard on me! 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:29 PM

You can feed your little girls and pump the other breast at the same time and rock your son with your foot in a bouncer or have him in a swing.

You can call me if you have long distance if you ever want a friend to talk to who has been through  and is still going through it. I will email you my number.



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Feb. 8, 2008 at 5:32 PM

Oh hun! I'm so sorry to hear that you're having a hard time :( I have a hard time with mine and they were all singles!! Just can't imagine!

There's a chance that he will outgrow the relux and be able to nurse again ... but then you might have to deal with nipple confusion.  

Hang in there, Amy! You're doing a wonderful job :) I'll pray for you all!


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Feb. 13, 2008 at 11:16 PM dont give up on bfing, i pumped for about the first 4mths and only bfed at night, it was hard but i did it.  Iam still bfing and they are a year next month.  Everyone says it is easier after 6mths w/twins dont believe them it is harder cause they are mobile and then at nine mths there both going different directions and all your trying to do is keep them out of stuff, so enjoy the time when all they do is eat sleep and poop.  And since i am to breastfeeding they are still at 10 1/2 mths waking up at least 3 times a night to feed caus ethey loove their mama.  I would loooove to sleep threw the night!  It is very crazy in the beginning cause you have know idea what to do but u will adjust and you will get your own routine and things will be easier in the way that you will know how to handle things better, let me know if you have questions, good luck!

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