this poem means alot to me... i lost my son Sammy on November 21,2006 at almost 18 weeks....


"precious little one"

 precious, tiny little one

you'll always be to me

so perfect, pure and innocent

part of heavens family.

we dreamed of you and your life

and all that it would be

we waited and longed for you to come

and join our family.

we never had the chance to play,

to laugh, to rock, to wiggle

we long to hold you, touch you now

and listen to you giggle.

i'll always be your mother

they'll always be your sisters

you will always be our child

the child that we had.

but now your gone... but yet you're here

we'll sense you everywhere

you are our sorrow and our joy

there's love in every tear.

just know our love goes deep and strong

we'll forget you never

the child we had but never had

and yet will have forever.


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:21 PM please vote popular so other moms who have lost a little one will see... thank you

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