Ok i have been doing a lot of thinking lately and even got into a heated debate with a friend of mine concerning certain issues including homosexuality.  First i do consider myself a christian but only because i do believe in God and believe that Jesus is the son of God.  I really dont go to church anymore because i have issues with church being more of a business, does that make me less a christian in my eyes no.  That is one of my issues, there is a lot of christians that think there holier or what not because there in the church everytime that door opens and look down on others because they are not.  Also i do read my bible but i dont know it word for word but to me that bible is a tool, it has been written over and over again so i do think it gets taken out of context.  Like i was telling my friend the other night, i dont care if you go to church everytime the door is open and know the bible from the front to the back that is not a one way ticket to heaven, knowing the bible is knowledge just like any book you read you gain knowledge.
Ok now down to the debate we had, the question was can a homosexual enter into heaven, and my answer was i think they can just like anyone else.  What gets me is we will pick one sin and blow it up to be the worst thing possible, and be so judgemental when it comes to certain sins.  Last time i read the bible there is no such thing as a small sin or a big sin, and they are all the same.  Well my friend thinks they cant because if they died in there sin then there going to hell, now this is a man that has children out of wedlock, so just because he is sleeping with women or lusting after women but he is not married makes him justified in what he does over the one that chooses to sleep with someone of the same sex.  I just dont understand that part of christianity or so to speak, i think a lot of christians think like this but its not really how God thinks.  
My problem with church so to speak is the talk of money, i cant go to church on a sunday morning and not hear the word money come up, it is a business to me.  I dont hear them preach every sunday about certain issues but boy they make sure they bring up money, is this really Gods intention, i have heard if your bill is say 70 dollars and you only have half of the bill give half of the bill and god will bless you, give me a break, that is ridiculous, i dont think Gods intention is for you to go broke trying to pay your tithes to the church.  And i have been in many different churches and every last one of them preach on this very subject.   Another issue i have with a lot of church folks is there judgement of others, this is another debate me and my friend have.  How should you dress to go to church lol, ok he thinks women should only wear dresses or skirts, and he says that is in the bible but he will have to find it well i dont think he will lol, but that is really an issue to me, so if your trying to get someone who is not saved into church but you go to them and put all these regulations on how they have to be living or how they have to dress then you probally just lost one more, God could care less if you came in your birthday suit so to speak, he just wants you to come to him. 
Ok im done venting, i just get so upset when we are so judgemental of others when our own lives are not perfect and line up completely with Gods, because no man is perfect so why try to portray that to someone else just because you know scriptures out of the bible and your in church everytime that door opens, those are tools the real thing is having God in your heart and letting him speak to your spirit, that preacher and that bible is not going to get you to heaven. 

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:36 PM

None of us will know until the end... I think the best theory is "judge not and ye shall not be judged."


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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:38 PM I totally agree with you.  I mean when I had premarital sex my "friends" made it seem like it was a "super-sin" and that I couldn't possibly be going to heaven.  The only thing that determines whether or not you go to heaven in believing that Jesus died to save you from your sins, that's it.

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 5:41 PM I am no longer a christian but I was raised one...anyway, according to the Bible you get into heaven by accepting Jesus as your savior.  It has nothing to do with what "sins" you have committed (though IMO homosexuality is NOT a sin)

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 7:24 PM I had to smile with your last line. I have hannah standing beside me, Jiving to "You can't get to heaven".  Cute.  We belonged to a church for 3 years that was perfect.  It was small, 5 families.  They didn't pass around an offering basket.  They had a little box in the corner so if you felt like putting in or could afford to, great.  If not, nothing was ever said. That church folded.  We went to another one, they had just bought property to build a church,  Wow, everythign was about money with that one.  We didn't last long.  I personally don't mind giving to the church but I also want that church to offer me something like good bible studies, mom's groups etc.  That sounds wrong and bad but I have a hard time tithing to a church  if they have no support for life outside the sun morning service.  We have found a church that is making us very happy, I love how I feel when I am there:

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Feb. 5, 2008 at 9:21 AM I totally agree with you sis. Everyone sins, so is that suppose to mean we are all goin to hell?? LOL, God forgives right? Isn't that why Jesus died for us on the cross, because he knew we were sinners.

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