by Napoleon Hill

Friendship rates with love as one of life’s most precious assets. But like every desirable thing, friendship isn’t free.

There’s a price on it which depends on the nature of the individual with whom you enjoy this coveted relationship.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that friendship is purchased with money.

It merely means that you must be willing to give something to receive friendship.

What are some of the things you must pay for friendship?

Well, one of them is loyalty.

It’s the one item the men and women you regard as friends have a right to expect from you – in fair weather or foul.

Also, to hold friends you must keep the relationship active by personal association and communication, through frequent visits and communication by correspondence or telephone.

Nothing is more deadly to friendship than silence.

Remember, too, that true friendship involves more than lip service to the relationship between you and others.

Go out of your way to do favors for them whenever you can.

Thoughtfulness of this kind is the best way in which you can let others know you like them, that you treasure their acquaintance.

But the reverse is also true.

Give your friends a similar opportunity to serve you.

If they’re true friends, they’ll be honored and gratified when you call upon them for advice, counsel or other help.

One method of holding friends is to make a conscious effort to take an interest in their affairs.

The greatest compliment you can pay another person is to show a genuine interest in him – in his problems, his business, his hobbies, his work, his daily triumphs and defeats.

In this way, you and your friend establish common bonds that hold your friendship intact.

And in this way, you uncover ways in which you can help each other through this existence with the greatest degree of comfort possible.

I would suggest, too, that you let your friends discover your virtues for themselves.

Many friendships are killed by boredom.

And nothing is quite so boresome as boastfulness.

Far better to spend that time and energy in praising the virtues of your friend!

But remember that friendship stands most firmly when it is founded on the rock of sincerity.

Hollow flattery won’t do.

Love and friendship are universal medicines which can cure sorrow and heal the wounds of failure, defeat and adversity.

Treat all such alliances with sacred regard as riches of the soul.

Source: Success Unlimited. April, 1957. Pg. 7.

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