Just in the past month I can't seem to get over all the new things Anthony has been doing.  He's getting a lot easier to deal with.  For one, he will walk down the stairs with my so long as I hold his hand.  That makes going out in public with him on my own a lot easier as he holds my hand and I'm finding the harness obselete for the most part unless I have to stand in line somewhere for a while.  I took him shopping with me and including the trips to the bathroom I only had to lift him to put him in the buggy or in the car seat.  We had to wait on dh at his dr.'s office and if Anthony would get frustrated with not being able to open a door he would walk up to me and grab my hand and pull me to walk with him over to the door.  He's saying more words and working harder to communicate.  Last night we went to Ruby Tuesdays' for dinner and I decided to do something different and I ordered him hamburger steak and mashed potatos.  Normally I order him something that has no chance of making a huge mess.  Well last night he used his fork and ate most of his food.  He also took some interest in mine and dh's salads so he got plenty of greens as he would do his whine that I hate, so I would offer him some.  Apparently he likes balsamic vinigrette as he ate a bunch of cucumbers, some spring mix lettuce, and his favorite: black olives.  I was very happy with the way he behaved when we went out. 

 Unfortunately, there are some things that he can do now that makes life a pain...lol.  He has taken to throwing things when he's mad about something, and if I have to pick him up during one of these he will try to kick me.  He can also climb into the kitchen chairs and will go after stuff on the kitchen table.  He's also old enough to open the fridge, but he doesn't do that too terribly often.  Today was the worst, but it was soooo funny.  He comes up to me with his cup letting me know he was thirsty and he didn't have anything to drink.  I take his cup and rinse it out and put some water in it.  I turn around and he has taken the fresh gallon of milk out of the fridge and is trying to hand it to me.  I sighed and told him not to take stuff out of the fridge without asking me first, and that he can have some milk with dinner, but not before.  That  he's going to have to live with water.  It's just so weird when your baby turns into a little kid right before your eyes.  I'm trying to break him of his annoying whine though when he wants something.  I told him if he wants something to come and grab me or dh and take us over there and point, or let us know in a better way if he can't say it.  I've come to realize that he understands a LOT more than I gave him credit for, and now is the perfect time to teach him manners.  Today, dh made him some chicken nuggets for lunch and he was just finishing up as I woke up.  After he finished his last one and came and gave me a hug, he took his plate (a styrofoam one though) and put it in the sink.  I clapped and told him what a good boy he was and told him to come give me a hug.  He squealed and ran over to me.  It felt good that he's learning to be good.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 1:13 AM

Amazing isn't it?

Corbin grabs my pants leg to pull me when he wants something. lol!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 3:29 PM That's so sweet!  Pay attention to these times and remember them, they're what will get you throuh puberty and the terrible teens!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 4:00 PM Yeah I think of these times when he's being a terror too.  Keeps me from losing my mind. LOL.

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 5:50 PM *sniff*  I have some bricks to make him stop growing.   If you need them, that is. 

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