She's not, but let me explain.  Tuesday, I babysat for Rayne (age 2+) with Danny (2+) and his cousin Baylee (4+).  Things went surprisingly well.  We had a few hicups, but for the most part, everyone shared the toys and the grapes.  But at one point, I heard Danny tell Baylee that Rayne was obnoxious.  He used the word when Rayne was running around screaming, a typical girl.  I use the word when Chopper the dog is being a whiny, obnoxious turd!  Hilarious!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:53 PM Too funny!  When my daughter was three she told me that I was making her nervous.  OMG!  I just cracked up hearing it come out of her mouth.  Kids know how to put it!  Have a great night!

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