Right now, I have 3 kids in 3 different schools.  One goes to the PreK/K campus, one at the 1/2 campus, and the other in the 3/4 campus.   


For the last 3 years, the bus drivers have been great.  Then it started;  They began to retire, one by one...


 Thankfully, the K bus driver stuck around.  So we get to still see Miss Marilyn’s familiar face every day.  And she loves the kids, so it’s nice.  She always asks about Conner, and how the family is doing.   

The 1/2  bus driver retired at the end of last year.  My boys LOVED Miss Debbie…and she was such a great person.  When I had the baby, she brought us dinner one night.  And just a few months ago, she gave us a hand-me-down bed for one of our boys.  It’s so nice, and it was wonderful for her to think of us.   

And then, Miss Anita, the 3/4 bus driver retired.  It’s been a nightmare ever since.  

In the beginning of the year, they put 100 children on one bus route.  100 kids!  100 children stuck in the seats, 3 across, and standing room only.  On a school bus!  Isn’t the ‘max. cap.” generally about 83 or so?   

The reason they had so many was because they added the kids from the 5/6 campus to the 3/4 bus, and thought it would be easier.  HA. And believe you me, there’s a HUGE difference between 3rd graders and 6th graders…ya know? 

The kids were getting picked up at 6:30 and not getting to school until about 8:15 or so.  School starts at 8:00.  After enough calls, they finally found another driver, and separated the kids.  Then they found a new driver for the kids.   She’s sweet, but boy, a schedule would be nice!  She started to pick the kids up later so they can sleep in a little longer.  And, he can eat breakfast at home now.  I like that idea!  

Then last week, it started all over.  They split the 5/6 graders up again.  Half of them are are with my 3/4 grader, and the other half are now on my sons 1/2 grade bus.  I was worried about my 4th grader around 6th graders…and now my 2nd grader gets to experience their…err…creative musings.  Wonderful, really! 

Last week the bus failed to even show up…twice.  I’m out there at about 6:40 for my son to catch the K bus.  The 3/4 bus comes around, (usually) at about 7:10. Those two days we sat outside until 7:45.  Then finally gave up.  

Then, there was today.  At 7:08, a bus comes by.  It’s not the usual bus and it’s *the* substitute driver.  My son sees his friends on the bus, so he gets on.  I go in the house, and wake up the baby.  About 5 minutes later, I look out the window, and see my son’s REAL bus go by.  


So, of course, I get on the phone and call the “Bus Barn.”  No answer.  Typical! 

Then, I call the school.   “Hello…Soandso School, how may I help you?” (I go through today’s story).  “Was that his usual bus?”  (me) “Usual…ha…half the we don’t know what bus is going to show up, IF it’s going to show up at all”.  “ok” (me) “Ok, what?  I need to know where my son is going, and make sure he gets to school.”  Then we go back a forth between “You should call….” And “I already have”.   

So she says, “Ok, well, they’ll get him here.” I finally told her to make sure that he does, and that I will call back around 8:30 to make sure he has checked in.   

He did. 

And he wasn’t the ONLY one that got on the wrong bus.  

What a nightmare.  Why can’t they get it down right?  How stinking difficult is it to have a route, show up at virtually the same time, and get it together.  

Granted, I know things happen, I understand late busses and emergencies, but this is just ridiculous. And, granted, I could get everyone up, including the baby, and drive all the kids to 3 different schools, sit in the LONG line, freeze our butts off (my van has no heat) and hope everyone gets to school on time…but chances are, it’s not going to happen. 

There are literally at *least* 100 parents in each line at each school that drive the kids.  They have a drop off lane, and it’s long…really long.  And I’d have to pay for gas…which is just too high right now.  And, I shouldn’t have to do all that.  My tax dollars are going to the school, and are paying for the transportation. 

I’m not asking for anything special, just basic transportation.  

Sorry about my little vent.  It’s just been quite a day, and I’m irritated at everyone. So, I’m posting to let this out.    

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:25 PM Wow.  Good luck next week with the buses.  My little ones arent in school yet but that is one of my worst fears!  To send them ALONE in a bus and to top it off with kids WAY older than them!  Yikes

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:36 PM that would be soo terrible!!!!

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 8:35 PM Wow.... Thats crazy.... I would be heated too.... Have you tried to call the bus company back?? Maybe you could speak to someone in charge or possibly call the superintendant and tell them what is happening.... Thats terrible....I am sorry this is happening to you.. I hope things get better next week... Keep us updated...

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 9:32 PM Wow! I hear you. That's not cool at all. They need to get their sh** together.And 100 kids on a bus. That can't be safe. I hope it gets better for you and all the kids.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 9:53 AM That soooo sucks.  At the beginning of the year they had my K on a mixed bus with HIGH SCHOOLERS!!!!  Needless to say I complained after he came home with some choice phrases and had been listening to a "friend's" explicit music on his iPod on the bus.  I got him switched to the special ed high school bus which has been a refreshing change - THOSE high schoolers are very sweet and actually like my K and also they have an adult monitor on that bus so that's nice.

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 10:04 AM Yuck! I can remember the bus days. Oh, not fun. We couldn't wait inside for the bus to show up because we have a long driveway. So, we had to leave pretty early, go down the driveway and then cross the road and wait for the bus there. FUN. We were the first to be picked up in the morning and the last ones dropped off after school. There were two runs: first runs grabbed the kids farther out and the high school students and then the bus went back for the rest of the kids. After school, the kids picked up second in the morning got taken home first and then the bus would come back for everyone else. SUCH a pain because we would have to leave the house by quarter to 7 to catch the bus and school didn't even start until 8. School then ended at 2:50 but we didn't get home until 4:15. When you're a kid, that makes for a LONG day!

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