I haven't felt good in a week or so lack of sleep a headache just about every day and so I made an appointment with my Doctor. I have always had high blood pressure since I was 19 and I had been taking meds for it . Today I go into the doctor and my blood pressure read 140/110.With blood pressure medication  so she ask me am I under alot of stress lately and I told her no more than usual. So she orders a stress test and a echo to be done in a week in the mean time she put me on a new blood pressure pill and put me on a low dose of ativan. My numbers usually read 110/80 with blood pressure meds. So I don't know what is going on to tell you the truth the whole thing is pretty scary. I would hate to stroke out!! I am only 40. Well we will see in a few days how this new medication is working. I hope the headaches go away. I told my doctor I need a vacation in Hawaii that will do the trick.lol Insane 


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