I found this site Visit Ripoff Report to be very disturbing. At face value it looks like a place for consumers to air their grievances about services rendered by businesses. But if you look a little further....

"Main Page" under "Search Reports" click "Advance Search" second catergory "Abusive Parents" you get comments like the one below:

Claire is a unfit, unhealthy mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She had six children by three different men, did not know the fathers of her first two children then went on to have four more children which all grew up with emotional, mental and abuse problems.

Claire is a achololic for years. Her youngest son who is in his early thirties was born with severe learning problems, emotional problems and growth problems due to her drinking while pregnant.

This woman was abusive to all her children as they grew up. Her two daughters both got pregnant at the ages of 14 and 15. Ms. Vega now lives with another drunk and they spend their days getting drunk all night and sleeping all day.

Her grandchildren have emotional as well as drug abuse problems. Her one granddaugher is 22 with five children under the age of 7 by two different fathers. This is a pattern in the Vega family that needs to be stopped.

They take their disability checks for drugs and booze. Her one son who resides with her and his boyfriend are both mentally unbalanced. One minute he will wave hello to you the next he is threaten to kill someone.

Ms. Vega needs to wake up and smell as well as drink some coffee to sober up and get to AA. Everyday her boyfriend is in our store buying booze by the case load.
This is no way to treat children, the authorities need to step in and take action.

Ozone Park, Florida

Why would a site set-up to air your grievances about a company also encourage individuals to post such outrageous things about another person??

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:42 PM Regardless if the city is real the commentor only has to leave her first name and she can say what she wants regardless if it is true or not.  I just used this comment as an example I have no idea who this person is or whether the comment is true.  But regardless shoud a site advertisings as allowing grievances about businesses as allow you to say such things about an individual.  I think not!

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:51 PM I would tend to agree with you...if the things people are saying about other people or businesses aren't true that wouldn't be good. Negative slander can really harm a business and/or people!

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 10:07 AM I believe I heard some where that maker of the ripoff report is a wanted criminal and on the run from the law.  Don't know if it's true but I couldn't agree more with you.  There are always going to be negative people who find something to complain about every little thing, why give those people a way to slander others?

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