My name is Leianne. I'm a single mother of a wonderful, hyper 7year old boy, Damian. I work during the day while he is in school but I was still living paycheck to paycheck.  I came across and ad for WORK AT HOME UNITED. This comany has changed my life! 
 There are so many AWESOME points about this company, staying home and living life with my son is the #1 reason! I get to make my own schedule.  Be my OWN Boss.  I never miss out on the things my son wants to do and that is a very important part of being a parent.  I love the Freedom this company offers.  I NEVER in a MILLION years thought that I could work from home and get a paycheck! I LOVE this Company!
Get INSPIRED to start your own business like I did! Its one decision you won't regret!
I'll PERSONALLY get you all of the details and YOU make the decision for YOUR family....
This Month Only The 1 Time Only Membership Fee has been CUT In HALF!!!  There is no better time to sign up then NOW!!!
Visit the EXCITEMENT at
**Serious Inquires ONLY...must be over 18yrs of age**
Never miss out on cuddling with your child when they are sick, or hurt or when they just want their MOMMY!

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