maggie has one of those bouncy chairs that you hang in a door way. She has not quite yet mastered the fine art of bouncing in it yet, she just kinda likes to hang out in it. She plays with all of the buttons that make the thing light up and play music, ( she is actually quite good at that now), and she LOVES to suck on the plastic part that connects to the harness. but try as i might...i cant get her to manage even one little jump....

will keep you all posted on her progress:):):)

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Feb. 2, 2008 at 8:05 PM She'll jump soon enough....then you will start to worry that she'll jump herself right out of the danged thing :-) Oh, I remmeber those days! Gaven loved that damn bouncy seat :-)  I can't wait to see her again!!! (not to mention YOU!!!).

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