I seem to be having A LOT of problems with the school system. My daughter is 8 years old, in the 2nd grade, has ADHD & is on medication. As long as she's on her medicine at school we don't seem to have too many problems. However, she was on her medicine the other day at school. She was "talking out of turn", "not staying in her seat" , etc.etc.etc. & "flicked her tongue out at another student." Her teacher was in meetings all morning, so there was a substitute in the room. When her teacher got back to the class in the afternoon, she had already been suspended. I don't see how such a quick dismissal of this can go with the "No child left behind." I'm not following this, so I'm sure I really have you confused. She has only had problems maybe three other times this year (if that many)... I just can't grasp the concept of why she was sent to the ISS room & suspended immediately. I have a meeting with the principal on Wed. morning (she was not in today & won't be back until then) I told her I wanted to discuss the suspension & some other things. The other things are the Behavior Modification Plan 504. I don't know much about this & have been researching diligently so I can go into this meeting prepared. Of course I can find nothing in the school's handbook concerning this & to be honest, there's not even a code of conduct in it...??? Can someone please please please help?????  

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 6:55 PM Suspended?!! There has to be more to the story that you don't know about...Go to the library and look all of your info. up

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Feb. 1, 2008 at 7:19 PM

I'm surprised there isn't ,but it is a law as far as 504 and IEP's are concerned.It falls under the IDEA. Which was modified a few years back.If your daughter doesn't have learning disabilities the 504 sounds like the way to go.I found several resourceful sites on this when they wanted to change my daughters IEP to a 504.I am going to list a few links.Some may repeat information.It doesn't matter what State they are from.It is a Federal Law!!

Understanding Section 504 - What is a Section 504 Plan:

For students with a physical or mental impairment who do not meet the more stringent requirements for special education services, a 504 Plan may be an alternative if the disability is substantial.

(I took this from a website) A 504 Plan has accommodations, is developed by a 504 committee, and must be implemented by school staff. If you suspect your child has a disability that may qualify, call the 504 coordinator in your district to request a meeting to request a meeting to discuss your child's needs and the possibility of an evaluation.....

(ps)...On the link below ADHD is listed as one of the things that qualify for 504.




I hope you can find some information to help you in these links......Good luck.If there was one thing i always did well was fight for my daughter to get her what she needed in school.

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Feb. 4, 2008 at 10:56 AM my grandson has similar situation.  He has ADHD, takes medication, but often still is impulsive.  My daughter (his mom) is trying to get a 504 plan to address the attention problems , but the school district will not allow.  How is this possible if he has ADHD? 

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Feb. 13, 2008 at 10:10 PM

imgoing through the same thing with my son and his school. i just found out that he hasnt been allowed in music since school started because of his adhd. what burst my bubble is the gym teacher was the one who called because they were sending him to her everyday. the music teacher never called or requested a conference. so i got on the ball and called Education Services Center Region 12 in waco tx. 254-666-0707 and spoke to gwen ryan, an adhd spec. . she is extremely helpful, and she can tell you more about sec. 504, and that the law requires that the school accomodates your childs needs, she might be able to refer you to a spec. on your situation in your area. good luck!

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