Looking for some new ideas to Teach and Reach the kids in your care? Try these wonderful theme packs full of great ideas. Written by an experienced teacher.

If you are interested message me your email, address and what theme pack you are wanting and I'll get back to you!


These great resources are packed with unique ideas for anyone who spends time with kids. They are great lesson plan builders too! Each theme Pack comes ready to be hole punched and added to a binder or added to your existing file system.

Complete Set : Order all the theme packs together and save. 5 theme packs for  $25.00 !

Character Education

25 pages Teach values while doing crafts and    activities. Includes a special resource section for Adults! $8.00

Parachute Play

11 pages Great games to make the most of your parachute!  Additional parachute theme activities.$4.00 

Christmas Around The World

14 pages. Multicultural holiday activities, crafts and games to celebrate the holiday season.$6.00

Winter Wonders

15 pages. Crafts, Activities and games to celebrate the winter months. Includes science and discovery activities.$6.00

Halloween Howl

14 pages. Unique Halloween activities kids will love! Play and learn activities and more!$6.00

Add a binder to keep it all together $7.00

To order email teachandreach@live.ca

Shipping extra

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