SO I've had this newspaper on my computer desk for a while, been kinda reading some articles about an Indiana inmate exonerated by DNA evidence (20 years spent behind bars for a murder he didn't commit) and Disability benefits (for my mom) and now I just flip it over, and saw this..... My jaw dropped to the ground. I can't believe nothings going to happen about this...but what could they do. It's just really sad. I wish they had more of these Women Care centers around.

No charges in death of newborn found in toolbox

ANDERSON, Ind. (AP) -- The Madison County prosecutor does not plan to file any charges against a teenage girl who gave birth in secret last February or her boyfriend who hid the dead baby in a toolbox.

Prosecutor Thomas Broderick Jr. said evidence strongly suggests the baby was stillborn.

"There was no evidence of foul play," Broderick told The Herald Bulletin. "There was no evidence of a violent death, and evidence pointed to the infant being stillborn."



Sheriff's deputies were called to the then-17-year-old boy's home in April after his father found the newborn's body inside a locked toolbox in a garage.

According to police reports, the teen told his father that his then-16-year-old girlfriend had given birth at her home in February. Shortly after giving birth, the girl called the boy and said the infant wasn't breathing. She wrapped the infant in a blanket and brought it to his house, and he wrapped the baby in plastic and put the body in the toolbox.

Broderick said the teens cooperated with investigators.

"The kids were very emotional and distraught during the investigation, that's what the police reported," Broderick said. "The family and the boy and girl were very cooperative."

An attorney for the girl's family declined to comment. "It's a private family matter," attorney Bryan Williams said.

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