I have been meeting a lot of fabulous moms on this site. This goes around myspace a lot and I thought it would be fun to do on cafemom. If it's already been around, I'm sorry, I am still pretty new here. Thanks for bearing with me



1. shopping

2. summer

3. tannig

4. starbucks

5. chocolate

6. makeup

7. purses/shoes/accesorries

8. my church and K~love radio

9. awwwwwww SWEET TEA!!! and Cafe Zin by Gallo!!!!!

10. sugar and cafffeine

hate~ (I prefer dislike)

1. winter, snow, being cold!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. mean, rude or angry people

3. taking God out of everything anymore

4. bad drivers!!!!

5. when u look sooooooooooo forward to a certain dish at a certain restaurant, that u haven't had in a while, and it is not even close to being as good as you remembered

6. ticks, spiders, bugs!!! *I do love snakes and frogs tho!!!*

7. when my husband or my mama is right and I have to admit I am wrong!!!!

8. when my kids are sick~ that makes me so sad!!!

9. when my husband refuses to listen to me (usually about driving directions)

10. that the cowboys didn't make it to the superbowl this year!!!


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