Ok so I get up at 4 am on Monday morning and head off to work just like I would normally do. I check the schedule to see if the days I requested off were approved and my entire schedule says OFF!  I figure its a mistake, well I figured wrong  The co-owner of the restaurant is there and I ask him what the hell if going on he says "I don't know" call Vinnie (the owner) so I picked up that phone and called Vinnie at 4:30 am and he picks up the phone and starts feeding me some bullshit about not making any money this season how he can barely support himself blah blah blah, all I want to know its what happenend he Finally tells me that I am being laid off and I will not be receiving severance pay because he cannot afford it! That's BULLSHIT! I was so angry, I then called my best friend and vented to her and went home told my husband what had happened keep in mind its still only about 5:30 am what a way to wake up my husband oh good morning hunny BTW I got laid off today! I crawl defeatedly back into bed and proceed to sleep for the next 6 hours.  I get up and decide that I have to find a new job like NOW! I head out and I'm just about at the first place I want to apply and I get a phone call from a company that I worked for from 95-02 they have an open position and would like me to come back asap. To make it short I accepted the job, and was back at work Monday at 4pm!  My best friends mother has been recently diagnosed with Breast Cancer and starts chemo on the 5Th and that is stressin out my BF and me too, We get to today I get off work and call my BF she's just filed her taxes and is thrilled about her return some well needed money for her! An hour later she calls me and tells me that she had just been laid off, this sucks! What a week!

But tomorrow is the well looked forward to Seafood festival and I can't wait I'm gonna eat a bunch of seafood and drink a few beers and enjoy a nice day with my twin sister and her family and I'm going to just relax and enjoy 2 days of absolute fun!

Hope everyone has a great weekend i plan on it!

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