If I was your boyfriend"
Body: how many times a day would you kiss me?

how many times a day would you fuck me?

would we fuck everyday?

how many times a day would you just want to hold me?

would you take me places?

would you love me?

if we went out on a date would u have me pay for it?

would you take me anywhere special?

If I was sick... what would you do?

If one a my friends tried to get with you what would you do?

would u tell me?

would u listen to all my problems and help me solve them?

Would u introduce me to your mom/dad?

Would you care about what i wore when we out ?

Would you go to the Club with me?

If your friend tried to get at me what would you do?

If someone tried to fight with me infront of you what would you do?

If a girl/guy tried to talk or dance with you at the club what would u do?

If i cheated on you would you take me back?

Would u give me your myspace password?

If i gave you mine would you read all my mail?

If i said i loved you would you say it back?

if you dont repost this you will not be in a relationship for a year!

If your a guy repost this with, "If I was your boyfriend?"

if ur a girl re post with, "If I Was Your Girlfriend?"

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